Month: April 2022

April 28th, 2022

Is the Arbitration Provision in Your Employee Handbook Enforceable? Fourth Circuit Invalidates ‘Illusory’ Arbitration Agreement Based on Catch-All Employee Acknowledgement Page

Employers who prefer to arbitrate employment-related disputes should take note of a recent Fourth Circuit decision concerning the enforceability of arbitration agreements that are incorporated…


April 22nd, 2022

So You Want to Sue the Government: A Brief Introduction to Business-Related Civil Claims Against the United States

You are considering a business-related lawsuit against the federal government. Maybe the Treasury Department denied a meritorious grant application. Maybe a regulatory body is arbitrarily…


April 13th, 2022

Introducing Our New Name and Website: Gamma Law Firm Is Now ‘Grammata Law Firm PLLC’

Gamma Law Firm is happy to announce two exciting changes. First, the firm will now operate under the name “Grammata Law Firm PLLC”. While our…


April 6th, 2022

Federal Circuit Deals Blow to Veterans Seeking Disability Retirement Pay for Post-Discharge PTSD and TBI Diagnoses, Reaffirms Narrow Application of “Accrual Suspension Rule” for Tucker Act Claims

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit dealt a blow last week to veterans seeking disability retirement pay for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and…